Featured Local Mission

The Peace International Friendship Center

3314 South 44th Avenue, Omaha, NE 68105

The Peace International Friendship Center serves immigrants and refugees in the Omaha metro area.

The Peace Center offers programs designed to meet the needs of immigrants and refugees such as:

  • English Language Learning classes and conversational practice

  • Citizenship preparation instruction

  • Children's Programs

  • Other programs and events for learning socialization and friendship - all with the goal of providing opportunities to foster dialogue and understanding among people.

How you can get involved:

  • Pray for the PIFC, it's people and programs.

  • Volunteer for specific long-and short-term positions such as, Children's Ministry, ELL Teachers, Citizenship Teaching, Building / Grounds, Cleaning/Maintenance and Hospitality Coordinators, or others as needs arise.

  • Help with needs-based projects like clean-up days, food events, or other ways that are specifically requested.

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Featured International Mission

Tirrases - Costa Rica

Tirases is a slum community, on the edge of the Costa Rican capital of San Jose. Tens of thousands of people live there with few services, overwhelming poverty, and little hope. We want to change that, and we need your help.

Two years ago, Beautiful Savior in partnership with Christ for the City, adopted a project in Tirrases as our International mission focus. We have been working with Christ for the City and several local churches in the Tirrases area to transform this impoverished community for Christ and ultimately build a Christian School/Community Center in Tirrases.

Costa Rica Update!

When we began to work in Tirrases, we quickly realized this community had numerous issues and problems with widespread drug abuse, prostitution and gang activity. Through a series of events, it was evident God had a plan to transform Tirrases through the transformation of the lives of the people living there. The pastors in the area began a movement called “Tirrases 120" in September 2016. Their goal was to unite the churches and to address the issues of gangs, prostitution, as well as drug and alcohol abuse in the community. The movement began by hosting a number of events designed to address these issues along with several evangelism events. In early December, a small team from Beautiful Savior made the trek to Tirrases to participate in a 2 day culmination of “Tirrases 120.” At the event in December, Beautiful Savior was asked to run the children’s programming. Approximately 400 children attended and participated in games, Bible stories, dancing, rides and craft projects. There were an estimated 3500-4000 people in attendance at the 2 day event. Those who attended were treated to inspirational messages from local pastors, music from local worship bands, food, medical attention, dental care and hair cuts as well as Christian council from local pastors and church leaders.

All glory to God for the work He is doing in Tirrases! To date of the 17 gangs that were controlling the city just 3 months ago, only 1 remains and the leaders of this gang have been open to the local churches and are currently attending a church and working with a couple of the pastors in the area. The police have reported that prostitution has been virtually eliminated in the area and all 16 churches in Tirrases have reported an increase in attendance of 60% since September!! We have been humbled by how quickly and massively God has worked and we are excited to see how God is utilizing Beautiful Savior in His plan for Tirrases.

As a result of the work being accomplished by the Holy Spirit in Tirrases, the local pastors and leadership feel it is now safe and appropriate to begin construction on the school/community center. While we were in Tirrases, footings were dug and concrete work began on the site. The contractor has indicated that work will be complete on the first half of the school by March 2017. We have been asked to form a team to demolish the current building so that construction can begin on the second half of the building in April with an anticipated opening of the school in December 2017.

It is exciting to see this project come together under God’s direction. We will continue to be obedient to His leading and how we may play a role in the evangelism of Tirraes.