Equip Groups

These are short-term adult learning communities designed to move you forward in “lifelong transformation in Christ.” You will gain knowledge and skills in following Jesus (discipleship) in order to “make a difference” in your family, your workplace, and your community. Some of the life-skill areas that will be addressed include:

  • Marriage

  • Parenting

    • Equip Parents - Resources for parents in raising children and growing their faith
      9:30am - Upper Fellowship Hall - La Vista Site

  • Personal and family financial stewardship

  • Prayer

  • Sharing your faith

  • and other life-related issues

Equip Leadership

This track is designed for adults with a sense of calling to “go to a higher level” of leadership within the church. By this we mean things like serving as Elders, Mission Leadership Council members, or similar positions of congregational responsibility requiring wisdom, discernment, people skills, and a deeper understanding of Lutheran doctrine and practice. Eventually it will be a prerequisite for everyone aspiring to congregational leadership positions to participate in several of these programs. Some of the programs likely to be offered include:

  • Christ-like Servant Leadership Development (KINDLE)

  • Discipleship Boot Camp for Men (aka Iron Men)

  • Training in Current Christian Leadership Processes

  • Articulating and Defending Your Faith (apologetics)

  • Biblically-Based Conflict and Reconciliation Skills

  • Biblical Tour of the Holy Land

  • and other leadership formation skill development programs